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South Florida Freedivers is the largest Freediving Club in South Florida!


Examples of freediving activities are: traditional fishing techniques, competitive and non-competitive freediving, competitive and non-competitive spearfishing and freediving photography, synchronized swimming, underwater football, underwater rugby, underwater hockey, underwater target shooting and snorkeling. There are also a range of "competitive apnea" disciplines; in which competitors attempt to attain great depths, times, or distances on a single breath.


South Florida Freedivers was founded in 2008 by Miachael Schmidt a.k.a. "El Fundador". 

South Florida Freedivers has since raised thousands of dollars for local charities through fun tournaments and club rendezvous. In addition, the club meets monthly where it features guest speakers on all subjects related to freediving and the ocean.

Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday at 7:30 PM in various locations. (see Facebook for latest). 



To  bring together likeminded individuals, passionate in the sport of freediving in all its forms.  We will respect, honor, and support the best  in the sport, local fishing regulations, conservation and above all diver safety. 


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We  love our divers, so feel free to join us the 2nd Thursday of every  month 7:30PM at various locations (see Facebook for upcoming location). 

South Florida Freedivers

2997 Day Avenue, Miami, Florida 33133, United States

(305) 562-1944